Someone please take Katie


Katie’s visiting Kobe again : ) Let me know if you can take her and I’ll make it super quick! It’ll take like 2sec.

About the tumblr island thing today…


So far I’ve met:

Also met a lot of people who didn’t speak English, talked to a Japanese girl through emotions and used google translate to speak with a Spanish boy

Of course there were people who tried to get bells from me, said it was their birthday? And wanted more after I gave them a bit of money, so had to leave.

Overall, good so far, still going to keep heading out for a little while longer!

oh, it’s you! ^____^ I tried to find your blog after seeing you, but couldn’t remember the full url.

Someone please take Katie

Katie’s visiting Kobe again : ) Let me know if you can take her and I’ll make it super quick! It’ll take like 2sec.


greetings from Dashcon!  :)))))))

Katie’s looking for a town to visit!

Katie the kitten showed up once again and is looking for a new town to visit. Let me know if I can bring her over.


trying to get a villager to move into a nice spot more like homura resets the timeline


Animal Crossing trailer from Nintendo’s E3 2002 conference

This is the first time I’ve ever even seen this! It’s a intense ride from start to finish

Katie needs a town to visit!

If I can take Katie to your town let me know. Thank you!



I reached 500 followers sooner than I expected.. so here’s another giveaway. 

Sets you can choose from : Sweets, Princess, 7-11, Sloppy, Mermaid, Cabana, Flower, Ice, Mush 

*not including the other miscellaneous items pictured 

1st place 

  • Your choice of 4 of the sets 
  • 7 unorderable items of your choice (any region exclusives, club tortimer items, Sahara wallpapers/floors, etc…)
  • A whopping 30,000,000 bells

2nd place 

  • Your choice of 3 of the sets 
  • 5 unorderable items of your choice 
  • 20,000,000 bells

3rd place 

  • Your choice of 2 of the sets 
  • 3 unorderable items of your choice
  • 10,000,000 bells


  • You don’t need to be following me but check my blog out maybe? :)
  • One like and one reblog counts as 2 entries! Reblog as much as you’d like to boost up your chances at winning~
  • This giveaway ends on July 5th 8PM PST (a Saturday! Yayyyy)
  • Will be dropping the items at your town so please clear up some space if you win!
  • Please respond within 24 hrs with your FC or else another winner will be chosen. 
  • Please no giveaway blogs!

Quick! Go enter my other giveaways before they end!

x x

Reblogging for my earlybird followers~