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Nintendo just announced the second wave of cover plates for the new 3DS. These will be out in Japan on November 21 and each will retail for 1,620 yen. Looks like all of them will be made of plastic

Btw, look closer at the camouflage ones - what do you see? ;)

I will update this post with preorder links asap


Went to the lovely town of New York this morning, created by kumacrossingg ( ^ω^ ) One of the prettiest towns I’ve ever seen to be honest ♡ every inch of the town was decorated in beautiful colours and public works projects that made it look that much better. Would recommend to anybody for visiting ♪

mass of in-condensant gas, a giant nuc-lear furnace!


Pink HRT Overalls

I’m not sure if I’m happy with how this came out… I might try to re-do them another time.. @w@


i’ve had the idea to have a school in my town since the beginning of the year and after flip flopping about what rooms to make for quite some time i’ve finally gotten around to finishing it!