woo here it is!


It’s pretty early for fall outfits, but I saw a mori coordinate that was really cute and decided to try my hand at making it in AC. :3


made some stone paths which blend pretty damn well with this new darker summer grass! posting them jic someone else needs this kind of thing (i would love to see photos if anyone uses them)


As requested heres the WW sweaters w/ the skirts. u v u It was suppose to have 3 but I wasn’t happy with the 2nd one so that explains why the last one says 3 lol but im happy at my first attempt at skirts


finally finished my kitchen room!

I’m so proud of it, had to do so much refurbishing and moving around until I was happy with it! 


I match my house!

Someone please take Katie


Katie’s visiting Kobe again : ) Let me know if you can take her and I’ll make it super quick! It’ll take like 2sec.